A Short Note on Othello

Othello was a brave soldier who had risen to become a General. He had shown his bravery in many bloody battles against the Turks. Everyone praised him and the senate trusted and honored him. Brabantio, a rich senator of Venice, had only one child, a daughter named Desdemona. Brabantio often invited Othello to his house where he and his daughter listened in wonder to Othello as he spoke about his adventures. Othello told them strange stories of battles he had fought in and places he had seen. Desdemona was fascinated by his stories and especially by the story of his life. He told them of deserts, caves and mountains high enough to touch the sky. He also told them of men who ate human flesh and of strange race of people whose heads were under their shoulders.

Hearing it, she had to weep and she never became tired of listening to it. She pitied Othello for the misfortunes and hardships of his life. Her pity soon turned to love and she confessed to Othello that she loved him. She was so beautiful that many young men of the best families wished to marry her. She refused them all because she loved Othello, a noble Moor from North Africa.