A Short note on Dr. Muhammad Yunus

You must have heard the name of Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus. His father’s name is Hazi Dula Mia and mother’s name is Sufia Khatun. He was born on June 18 at Bathua village in Hat Hazari of Chittagong. He is the third among fourteen children of his parents. He completed his primary education from Lama Bazar Primary School and got first place in the scholarship examination. Then he got himself admitted into a collegiate school and passed the Matriculation standing 16th position. He passed the Intermediate Examination from Chittagong College. After passing the Intermediate Examination, he got himself admired into the University of Dhaka in the Department of Economics. He got M.A in Economics in 1961 and did his Ph. D in 1969 from the USA.

He established Grameen Bank in 1976 and started his micro credit program from Jobra village. Grameen Bank and his micro-credit programs have been very successful in poverty reduction all over the world. His activities of poverty alleviation and promotion of peace have been famous all over the world. His Project for the promotion of peace through poverty reduction has been taken as a model all over the world. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace in 2006 for which the Bengali nation is proud of.

Born: June 28, 1940 (age 76), Chittagong
Wife: Afrozi Yunus


  • Ph.D in Physics, University of Southampton, England 1972
  • M.Sc. in Physics and B.Sc. (Honours) in Physics, Dhaka University, Bangladesh, 1966 & 1965.
Organizations founded: Grameen Bank, Yunus Centre etc
Awards: Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom and more.