Early Life of Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe was born in the year 1632 in England. Early in life, he was filled with a desire to wander abroad. He wanted to be a sailor from his boyhood. His father did not want that he should go to sea. His father wanted him to study law. His father was of the view that only extremely poor or rich men should go abroad. It was sheer folly to think of traveling to foreign countries. The exhortation of his father produced a very temporary effect upon Crusoe’s mind. Crusoe was even warned by his father. If he persisted in his wish, he would come to grief. Robinson could not get rid of his “rambling thoughts”. It was on the 1st September in 1651. He was at this time just twenty years old. He ran away from home one day.

The story has since been though to be based on the life of Alexander Selkirk.