What is Play to one is Death to Other

What is play to one is death to other

One afternoon some frogs were playing and diving in a village pond. At that time some naughty boys were passing by the pond. The boys noticed the playing scene and felt very curious. They stopped there and took stones in their hands. They started to throw stone upon the frogs. It was a new game. The new game was a great fun to them.

They threw stones whenever the frogs raised their heads above the water. Thus many frogs were hit hard and few were killed.

At last an old frog raised its head and said “Oh boys please! Please! Stop the cruel fun. Don’t throw stones at us.” “It is a play. We are enjoying it” said the boys. “Why should we stop it?” ”What is a play to you is death to us. This is why, you should stop it.” answered the frog. The boys were ashamed of their cruel game. They left the cruel game and went away.