Complaint Letter to the Post Office for Goods Damaged

Complaint Letter to the Post Office for Goods Damaged

Complaint Letter to the Post Office for Goods Damaged

[Here briefly describe on sample Complaint Letter to the Post Office for Goods Damaged. If goods are delivered to you in a damaged situation, the ‘country law’ makes the retailer accountable for remedying the situation. For packages and other valuable items, you may need to file additional forms and submit proof of damage if you need compensation. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]


Postmaster general/concern Authority…

Post Office Name…

Date: DD/MM/YY


Your name…

Address: Home/Office

Missing/damaged parcel – (Product/item name or type)

Ref. No: (*****)

Date of Delivery/Expected Delivery: (DD/MM/YY).

Sub: Complaint Letter for Goods Damaged

To Whom It May Concern:

It has come to my attention that my package has been (damaged/lost) in transit. The item that I was immediately expecting was insured for (money amount) by the sender. (Describe in your words). As the package did not arrive at me in time or as it should have, I expect to be paid the full recompense accessible on the item as soon as possible. (Describe all about the situation). I am really dissatisfied with (Parcel Service name) as I have used your company on a usual basis for important packages over the last few years but I have noticed a stable turn down in the class of service as of late. (Describe all about the problem and situation).

This recent experience will force me to seek out another method for sending all future packages and parcels with one of your competitors unless I am shown that the quality of service will greatly improve. (Focus on your requirements).


Your Name…


Contact info…


Another format,


Your name…

Firm/Company Name


Date: DD/MM/YY


The Post Master,

General Post Office,


Sub: Complaint Letter for Goods Damaged


We seek to lodge a complaint that the package received by us, on (date – dd/mm/yy), from (City/Town Name) is poorly damaged. (Describe in your words).

The package enclosed packing slips that have been received in an awful situation. The outer wrappings were frayed and mutilated and the inner contents were soiled. (Describe all about the situation). It seems the package was tampered with by someone who ripped it open and dragged it through the mud. (Describe actual problem and situation).

Since the items in the package are for sale and these have been rendered so solid that it is absolutely out of question to sell them, we are constrained to claim the damages which amount to (Money amount) as per the bill (copy enclosed). (Focus on your requirements).

It is requested that our claim for the damages caused by the carelessness of the postal staff may please be passed and sent to us at an early date. (Describe your expectation).

Yours faithfully,

Your name…

(Firm/Company Name).

Contact info. and Signature…