Importance of determination of Relative Humidity

Importance of determination of Relative Humidity

Importance of determination of relative humidity

It is defined as the ratio of the mass of water vapour present in a given volume of air at a particular temperature to the mass of water vapour required to saturate the same volume of air at the same temperature. A simple way to get a value for the relative humidity is to use a wet-and-dry bulb hygrometer (psychrometer). The value can then be used to calibrate a “hair” hygrometer.

Here describe some importance of determination of relative humidity

  • Germs of some diseases thrive in moist atmosphere. For this reason Department of Health and Hygiene keeps records of relative humidity of the atmosphere. This helps in predicting the occurrence of some diseases which can be communicated to public through electronic and printing media.
  • Temperament of human being, health and energy to do work depend in many ways on relative humidity. Air in a confined place where lots of people assemble becomes wet and polluted within short time. For this reason in modern cinema halls, auditoriums, in big office etc air conditioning is provided for controlling temperature.
  • Some goods like potatoes, tobacco, wood, onion, garlic etc remain good in dry weather. So, relative humidity is to be known.
  • Again, in store and factories of electric and electronic instruments, sensitive instruments a fixed relative humidity is needed. So it is essential to know relative humidity.
  • Weather of a place depends very much on the variation of this humidity. So, weather offices keep records of relative humidity of different places in different times, and radio and newspaper forecast weather regularly.
  • For special chemical processes of cigarette, woolen, cotton etc. industries relative humidity of air is to be kept within a fixed limit. For this reason these factories are established in some particular regions.
  • As a measure of safety, a pilot of an aircraft always avoids a region of humid air. For this reason, he should know about relative humidity of different regions while flying.