Classification of Enzymes

Classification of enzymes:

Enzymes may be of the following types on the basis of the mode of reactions:

i. Hydrolytic enzyme of hydrolase: This enzyme helps in hydrolysis by adding water molecule with any special bond of the substrate. Examples: Sucrase, Protease, Phosphatase, Esterase etc.

ii. Carboxylase: This type of enzyme, helps in adding CO2 with any substance or rcrmos mg COfrom any substance. Example:

iii. Transferase: This enzyme helps the reaction by removing a group (such as from any substance and adding it to any other substance, such as-

Here — NHgroup being removed from glutamic acid has been added with oxaloacetic acid to form aspartic acid.

iv. Isomerase: This type of enzyme performs the isomeric changes in aldose and ketose sugar.

Glucose-6-phosphate ↔ Fructose-6-phosphate

v. Epimerase: These types of enzymes help substances to turn into epimers.

vi. Phosphorylase: The enzyme that can remove a phosphate group from a substrate or can add a phosphate group to a substrate is called phosphorylase.