What is Enzyme?

What is Enzyme?

EnzymeThe colorless, liquid and protein made substance secreting from the exocrine gland that accelerates the chemical reactions and remains unchanged after the reactions. Enzymes are also called biological catalysts.

The naming of enzymes: The naming of enzymes can be of three different ways, such as-

i. By adding ‘ase’ after the substrate, such as-

Substrate        +    ase    → Enzyme

  1. Sucrose     + ase       → Sucrase
  2. Urea          + ase       → Urease
  3. Lipid         + ase       → Lipase
  4. Protein     + ase       → Protease


ii. On the basis of the names of the reactions

Name of the Reactions    +   ase       → Name of Enzyme

  1. Hydrolysis                      + ase       → Hydrolase
  2. Oxidation                       + ase       → Oxidase
  3. Reduction                      + ase       → Reduction