What are the properties of enzymes?

There are some basic properties of enzymes. these are-

1. Enzymes are globular proteins because this gives more stability in polar environment.

2. They reduce the activation energy required for a reaction to occur and thus speed up the reaction.

3. Above a certain temperature (Optimum temperature) causes them to break down and they are gradually destroyed (denaturing).

4. They work best at a particular (pH) optimum pH and are once again destroyed by low and high pH.

5. The catalytic process reaction involves two distinct steps-

  • The binding reaction in which the substrate is the principal reactant is favorably oriented.
  • The stereo chemical reaction occurring at the active site of the enzyme. It is the stereo chemical reaction that results in bond changes in the substrate.

6. The enzymes may undergo conformational changes either before or after the stereo chemical reaction.

7. Enzymes are high molecular weight proteins.

8. Active site is associated with a cleft in the structure of the protein.