Reddit’s GameStop Investors Have Donated Over $350,000 To Gorilla Conservation

Reddit’s GameStop Investors Have Donated Over $350,000 To Gorilla Conservation

Of course, Reddit’s Robin Hood story must form; investors who defeated Wall Street in their own game earlier this year are now investing their earnings in wildlife conservation before reaching the door to people who work to protect endangered animals. American gaming retailer – After launching a 1,700 percent increase in GameStop stocks, millions of minor investors in the company saw some major returns as they turned the tables of two hedge funds with GameStop stocks.

These hedge funds were reducing gaming franchises, but they were not happy about the swap as private investors without being involved for any reason other than Reddit chatroom WallStreetBets. What Street does best is temporarily overtaking Wall Street.

In the wake of this incident, the million-strong army of amateur investors decided to take a second step, using their earnings as an investment opportunity to preserve what was completely like On-Wall Street. Organizations that have benefited from unexpected but very welcome events need grants to protect endangered species, including gorillas, pangolins, elephants and turtles. The mission appears to have led by Reddit user Pakistani_in_MURICA, who posted a picture of their “acceptance certificate” after donating to the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund.

The organization runs an adoption program that allows beneficiaries to help the lives of named gorillas under their care with updates on animal welfare as well as help with the highlights of their research. The sponsor’s post got a jolt of kudos (or because of karma, something done on Reddit) that inspired others to follow suit. The move inspired by a popular saying among the WallStreetBets clan, “Apes are strong together.” The immortal words once signed by Caesar – in the recent remake of Planet in the movie Apes, the evolving chimpanzee and the leader of the Ape army who called Andy Circus on the weekly vacation.

Clearly, these words have real-world implications, as the organization, which has developed about 20 “resorts” in about a week, has received over $350,000, more than 3,500 organizations. Among the updates on gorillas under their auspices, Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund Twitter’s timeline is a mix of media coverage surrounding the hero fundraiser, a thread to explain the sequence of events, and a T-shirt inspired by WallStreetBets.