Dashworks is a Search Engine for Your Company’s Sprawling Internal Knowledge

Dashworks is a Search Engine for Your Company’s Sprawling Internal Knowledge

As a firm expands, the amount of vital information that staff must keep track of eventually expands as well. In addition, as your software stack becomes complex, that information becomes dispersed in more areas – buried in Slack threads, stashed inside Jira tickets, pushed as Dropbox files, and so on. Dashworks is a firm that aims to be the central repository for all internal knowledge. It is half personalized start page, part search engine, and it connects to dozens of different enterprise services to provide you a single place to go to locate what you’re looking for.

Dashworks is designed to be the home page on your work laptop. It has features for making company-wide announcements, creating FAQs, and sharing bookmarks for the items, you frequently need but cannot find — your handbooks, OKRs, org charts, and so on. Its cross-tool search, however, is even more amazing. Prasad Kawthekar and Praty Sharma, co-founders of Dashworks, have backgrounds in natural language processing at companies like Facebook and Cresta. 

They are building a tool that allows you to ask Dashworks questions and have they answered using the knowledge it gathered across all of those aforementioned Slack threads, Jira tickets, and Dropbox files. It will show you a page of related files from all of the services you have connected, but if it thinks it knows the answer to your inquiry, it will just bubble it to the top of the page, like Google Snippets.

Dashworks already integrates with more than 30 major services, including Airtable, Asana, Confluence, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Intercom, Jira, Notion, Slack, Salesforce, Trello, and a slew of others – with more on the way, based on demand. Giving another firm access to all of those services and the information contained within could be unnerving — something the Dashworks team seemed to understand. Kawthekar claims that their product is SOC-2 certified, that if you choose to disconnect service, all relevant data is erased from their servers, and that they offer a fully on-prem version for teams that are ready to host the tool themselves.

Dashworks announced this week that it has raised $4 million in funding from Point72 Ventures, with participation from South Park Commons, Combine Fund, Garuda Ventures, GOAT Capital, Unpopular Ventures, and Starling Ventures. A number of angel investors are also participating in the round, including Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear and Gusto co-founders Josh Reeves and Tomer London. The startup was also a part of the W20 class at Y Combinator.