Short Note on National Memorial

The National Memorial at Savar is a symbol of the nation’s respect for the martyrs of the Liberation War. The dimension of the monument can be measured but it stands for an achievement which is immeasurable.

The Memorial reminds its visitors of the valiant struggle and supreme sacrifices of a freedom-loving people. The foundation was laid on the first anniversary of the Victory Day that is on 16 December, 1972. The complex includes a mosque, a library and a museum. The warning to the oppressors is that the weapons of freedom need not be very big and that oppression will always be defeated. This Memorial stands for nation’s respect for the martyred freedom fighters and loftiness of their hearts. The sight of the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters moves the visitors most.

The memorial standing upright tells us to live fearlessly with dignity. That we should love the country, the countrymen and hate all sorts of oppression and repression is the message for us given by the National Memorial. The towers symbolize the loftiness of the spirit of the freedom fighters.