Short Story of the Honest Caretaker

The Honest Caretaker

Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He was fond of fruits. He had a large garden full of fruit trees. He employed a caretaker for the garden. It was his duty to guard the trees. One day the rich man came to the garden with some of his friends and relatives. It was the time for mangoes. He asked the caretaker to fetch some ripe and sweet mangoes. The caretaker at once carried out his master’s order. The rich man and his friends and relatives tasted the fruits but all of them were sour. So he was very angry with the caretaker. The rich man said to the caretaker, “You are a fool because you have been a caretaker here for so many years, but you do not know which mangoes are sweet.” “How should I know it, sir?” said the caretaker. It was my duty to guard the trees and not to taste the fruits.”

Moral: Honesty is the Best Policy