Short Note on Early Life of Kazi Nazrul

You will have heard the name of Kazi Nazrul Islam. He is a rebel poet and our national poet. Nazrul Islam was born on the 20th May, 1899 in Burdwan. His father’s name Kazi Faqeer Ahmed and mother Zahida Khatun.

He lost his father in his childhood. As a result his mother fell in great financial problem. He spent his early life in great hardship. He was called Dukhu Mia for his sorrow. As a boy Nazrul was restless and absent minded. He did not like the hard and fast rules of the school. Very often he used to flee away from school. Nazrul left the study while studying in class nine and joined in the Indian Army in 1917 at the age of eighteen. He was fond of adventures, music and Jatra party. He could sing, dance and compose verses even in his childhood. So, he drew the attention of the public One day this Dukhu Mia became a great poet. In 1919, he published his first piece, ‘The Autobiography of a Delinquent’ or ‘Saogat’, while serving in the army.

  • Full name: Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Nickname: Dukhu Mian
  • Born: 24 May 1899
  • Died: 29 August 1976
  • Birth place: West Bengal, India
  • Occupation: Poet, Song composer
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Spouse: Pramila Devi