A Short Note on Joynul Abedin

Do you know Joynul Abedin? He was an artist of exceptional talent and international fame. He was born at a village in Kishoreganj in 1914. His father Tamij Uddin was a police officer. He did not like the hard and fast rules of schools. So, he drew pictures secretly. At the age of fifteen, he went to Kolkata. He was in search of an art school there. At the age of nineteen he got himself admitted into Kolkata Govt Art College. In 1938, he became first class first in the Art College. He drew a lot of pictures of famine during the Second World War in 1939. His name and fame spread all over the world. He was awarded gold medal in All India Art Exhibition. Abedin was married to Jahanara Abedin. He developed lung cancer and died on 28 May 1976 in Dhaka. Two faces was his last painting, completed shortly before his death. He was buried beside the Dhaka University Central Mosque.

Born: December 29, 1914, Kishoreganj District

Died: May 28, 1976, Dhaka

Education: Kolkata

Notable work: The Struggle, Rebel cow, Famine paintings, Nobanno, Study of a Crow, Two faces etc.

One of his famous work: The Struggle