Who is to Bell the Cat

Who is to Bell the Cat

Who is to bell the Cat

Once some mice were having a good time in a barn. Being fed-up with the loss of cereals, the owner brought a cat. As a result, the mice could not come out of their holes. One day all the mice sat together in a conference in order to find a way out. Different mice gave different suggestions, but none was found acceptable. At last a young mouse stood up and said, “If you kindly permit me. I can submit a proposal.” All the mice-looked eagerly at him and asked him to make his proposal. Then the young mice said, ”If we tie a bell around the cat’s neck we’ll be in a position to understand when the cat is coming to the barn and then well hasten into our holes. Before its coming, we’ll be able to eat as much of the cereals as we need.” All the mice acclaimed the proposal except the old one. He stood up and said, “I’ve no doubt in my mind that the proposal is quite good, but who will bell the cat?” Hearing this all the mice began to look at one another and felt disappointed. Finding no solution, the mice eventually migrated to another barn.

MORAL: Empty solutions are of no worth.

Or, It is Easy to propose but Impossible to Remedies.