As Crypto Unicorns Multiply, the US Stands Out As Ground Zero for Blockchain Winners

As Crypto Unicorns Multiply, the US Stands Out As Ground Zero for Blockchain Winners

The crypto-focused investment sector is quickly expanding. The recent announcement by Paradigm of a $2.5 billion fund serves as a reminder of the size of the funding presently accessible to blockchain businesses. Coinbase Ventures is making a rapid pace for a corporate venture company, but Andreessen Horowitz has a mega-fund in the market as well.

Because of the increase in cash availability, larger and more rapid-fire rounds — and more unicorns — have emerged, as they have in many other venture markets. While the now-out-of-date unicorn valuation threshold of $1 billion is losing some of its luster in a market with hundreds of unicorns, the measure can still be useful inside a certain specialty. One such location is the cryptocurrency market.

This morning, The Block, a crypto-focused media and research organization, released a new data collection that shows how quickly the unicorn cohort is growing in the crypto world. The data set also shows where unicorns emerge, both in terms of emphasis — exchanges, NFT platforms, and so on — and geographically.

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As Crypto Unicorns Multiply, the US Stands Out As Ground Zero for Blockchain Winners

The most important conclusions from today are that, despite local accusations that it is unfriendly to the crypto economy, the United States is by far the most important single market for crypto unicorn generation, and that the business model mix of crypto unicorns is larger than I imagined. Let us get started!

It is the ideal time to talk about crypto unicorns, and it has nothing to do with Paradigm’s recent investment of billions. Furthermore, OpenSea, an NFT platform, is rumored to be exploring rising funding at a $10 billion price. Earlier this year, the firm was valued at $1.5 billion. This is the kind of valuation increase that certain crypto businesses are seeing right now.

What is the result? There are now 64 crypto unicorns in all. According to The Block Research, that number has risen by 39 percent thus far in 2021. Simply said, this year alone, more than half of the world’s crypto unicorns crossed the $1 billion mark.

There are several causes for this. Crypto trading has proven to be almost comically profitable, prompting a number of exchanges to rise what we can only describe as hella money. Crypto assets, on the other hand, have shown to be rewarding transactions to host. NFT markets are raking in cash and adding to the total of unicorns.