In the Big Chair – Stan Boland of Five

In the Big Chair – Stan Boland of Five

To zoom in a bit, we’ve come a long way from the time when the auto- and technology-related industries have become so internal that your average person on the road will see a fully autonomous car (SAE level 4 or 5) as a common occurrence. With this realization I think there is a sense of motivation for organizations like ours – we don’t engage in unrealistic hype and expectations of what some see in our industry.

For the five, it means that we have a long and rigorous focus on our long-term strategy and its deep contribution to bringing concrete automated driving systems to market, implemented by well-funded auto industry companies. Since our Series B, we’ve been researching and developing a prototype automated driving system ourselves, but now we aim to help our customers deliver a highly integrated, comprehensive cloud-based workflow that we can use to automate production installations. Develop, test and design driving systems.

This focus on B2B, not B2C, means that we are building strong relationships with a number of major automobile manufacturers and are beginning to realize exactly what this industry needs – a combination of skills in the technology business and business. 2020 was a reset for the entire industry, including five. In 2020, as a whole, we begin to see the way forward for autonomous vehicle technology, which breaks the sharp reality – meaning clean product goals such as highway driving, an emerging segment of trucking and product delivery, and less focus on over-optimistic robotics goals that we Everyone agreed and went out in the future.

This clarity really helped the five define its minimum usable product and configure its team. We’ve done multiple proofs of ideas with customers and we’ve secured first revenues for the cloud platform we’ve produced. Of course, we also missed seeing each other during the epidemic, but in five years we’ve already distributed fairly, so the impact wasn’t too much. We’ve led some fun virtual gatherings involving food, games and cocktails, and overall our people’s Vice President Michelle Coventry has ensured that we maintain our culture which is a first-choice for many of our UK software engineers and researchers.