UK Launch of Google Career Certificates Opens Industry to People without College Degrees

UK Launch of Google Career Certificates Opens Industry to People without College Degrees

In 2020, Google announced that it would replace the requirement of college degrees with a certification system, which would increase access to careers among tech giants. Google said the compliments would be given after completing a six-month course to train different careers as needed, with some of the time it would take to get an equivalent qualification at university.

It was announced today that Google Career Certificates is finally being launched in the UK, in partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Google says the credentials come at a moment’s notice now for the ongoing and ever-changing claims that have been made on employees during the global epidemic. They cited research published by Google and the Global Institute at McKinsey, which claimed that – even before COVID-19 – more than 90 million employees were in a position to develop their “competitive new skills” by 2030 in the job market.

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UK Launch of Google Career Certificates Opens Industry to People without College Degrees

Data from the UK last week increased 780, 296 and 259 per cent, respectively, as it would support the results with searches for “Information Technology Online Courses”, “Business Management Courses Online” and “Online Courses with Certificates”. Ronan Harris, Google’s Vice President and MD, wrote, “We are distributing 9,500 Google Career Certificates in the UK for the need to learn these new skills.

“We are providing grant funding to Prince’s Trust and INCO Academy through to ensure that an additional 1,500 young people from underprivileged and underprivileged communities in the United States receive the opportunity to train.” There are four Google Career Certificates to choose from, including IT Support, Data Analyst, Project Manager and UX Designer. They are estimated to take about six months and will be recognized by technicians and employers working technically, including Google. Those who sign up for Google Career Certificates can choose from any of the four courses available to help you build the skills needed to support a career in technology. Courses available include IT support, data analyst, project manager and UX designer. 

The peaks usually take six months to complete the course, no degree level experience is required and these are recognized by industry experts and employers including Google. We know that technology is only becoming more important for the US economy. The amount of technology contributing to the UK economy has grown by an average of 7% per annum since 2016 and the US-based venture capital investment has reached a record $15 billion by 2020, despite challenging circumstances.