The technically advanced AP Troop welcomes the first birth in a long time

The technically advanced AP Troop welcomes the first birth in a long time

Guinea’s Bossou troops in South Africa have escaped some of the threats posed by their opponents across Central Africa. The residents of the nearest village known as Basu revered their ancestors as reincarnations and shared and shared food with them. Scientists value sitting chimpanzees for different reasons; they cracked nuts between a stone hammer and a stone anvil, the use of a tool in advance is not seen in almost any wild population of our closest living relatives.

Bossou chimpanzees using a method of cracking nuts have not been recorded in any other inhuman animal. Yet despite these sophisticated and unusually defensive human neighbors, their numbers have recently dropped to just seven, the oldest in the breed. Now those trying to save them are happy for the first healthy baby to be born in Bossou Chimps in eight years.

The forest in which Bossou chimps lives is small – 320 hectares (790 acres) – and almost entirely isolated from the larger forests. To avoid breeding, juvenile chimpanzees are dispersed from their birth group. Over the years, some Bossou chimps have heard calls for more intact forests and have made dangerous journeys across the surrounding savannah. But no one came differently.

After being in the majority for many years after the late 20s, in 2003, Bossou chimps lost one-third of them to respiratory diseases. Reminiscent of risk-averse diseases such as Covid-19, it became the landlord’s description of chimpanzee mothers caring for their dead babies for weeks or months. Since then the numbers have halved again. Only one woman of reproductive age remains in the funnel.

For 23 years, scientists, villagers, and conservationists have been working together to plant a tree corridor, hoping that the larger nearby forest will be wide enough to attract residents to sit in the Nimba Mountains. Hopefully, some of these will join the Bossou tribe and recover its reality, even learning to use double tools in the process. There are plans to accelerate tree planting in 2021.

If their nut-cracking isn’t enough reason to love Bossou chimps, the Bossou chimps have seen drunks making leaves before who can dry them from the palms of the villagers ’hands. SAP fermentation in collector containers, 3-7 percent becomes ethanol. Accounts of animals getting drunk on fermented fruits and even stealing cocktails are common.

However, creating a tool for access to alcohol is unprecedented, as is the fact that scientists conducted a detailed study of how many standard drinks can be consumed in each chimp.