A Raven Has Left The Tower Of London And Is Feared Dead, Will The Kingdom Now Suffer As Legend Goes?

A Raven Has Left The Tower Of London And Is Feared Dead, Will The Kingdom Now Suffer As Legend Goes?

The Queen, as well as the technically owner of all the unmarked swans in England to keep the apparently obscene number of diamond hats. He is not satisfied with claiming any princess (his picture points to the swan in the swan boat saying “the swan is mine”), he owns many more delicate birds, including the Tower of the Crane, London.

One of them, named Merlina, had been missing for weeks, fearing for her life. This is bad news for bird lovers, but if folklore is to be believed (and it is not) bad news for the UK. “We have some sad news to share,” the Tower of London wrote. Our much-loved Raven Merlina has not been seen at the Tower for several weeks, and her continued absence indicates that she died tragically, “wrote Tower of London in a Twitter thread.

“While it’s not uncommon for our cockroaches to wander outside the wall, the free-spirited Merlina has always been back to the Tower and the Ravenmaster and her team before, with whom she shared a great close bond.”So long, so heartbreaking. Something that caught people’s attention was Tower’s talk about crows’ vacancies.“We now have 7 ravens’ crows in the tower – one more than we need, so we have no immediate plans to fill the Merlina vacuum.”

What is the agreement that there should always be required crows in the tower? Well, if you look around this tower you will probably be told that during the reign of Charles II he heard an ancient “prophecy from their” Wikipedia “that if the birds left the tower the kingdom would fall after.” Rumor has it that “for many centuries, the Cuckoos guarded the Tower of London and since they are said to have retained the power of the Crown, it is believed that if the Cuckoos ever left, the Crown and the Tower would fall.”

Although it all sounds funny, according to historian Bora Sax, the legend seems to have come about at that superstitious time in 1946, a few years after the invention of the microwave oven. During the war, the ravens were used as official spotters for dropping Craven’s planes and bombs. Shortly before the tower reopened in January 1946, some birds fled and requested to receive a new crow in time for Garden Day.

It was only then that American papers gained some independence with the story and added legend to the spice retook the story into English papers and preserved it as an ancient legend that began in January.