How can make downward communication effective?

Essentials of effective downward communication are following:

  • The idea of the organization: The superiors have to know details about the organizational objectives, procedures. activities. achievements etc. and later to inform subordinates, and then downward communication will be effective.
  • Detail information: Required information that will be sent to subordinates should be detail. If so, the downward communication will be effective.
  • Decentralization: If duties and responsibilities are decentralized to various departments, then downward communication should be effective.
  • Proper channel: In downward communication, information should be reached to the destination through the proper channel.
  • The idea about receiver’s knowledge: If a useful message is sent to the receiver on the basis of their awareness, then communication should be effective.
  • Willingness: If sender and receiver of the message tame willingly and sincerely then communication will be effective.
  • Positive communication attitudes: In downward communication, superiors and subordinates both parties should positive communication attitudes.
  • Developing communication plan: Without developing a communication plan, effective downward communications are not ensured.
  • Shortening the communication line: If shortening the communication line, downward communication will more effective.
  • Necessary explanation and feedback: Providing necessary explanation and feedback is another prerequisite for effective downward communication.
  • Building trust: Effectiveness of downward communication mostly depends on building good trust between superiors and subordinates.
  • Creating inspiration: Top level executives should create inspiration, to do the work of the organization.
  • Evaluation of employee’s attitudes: Top level executives should properly evaluate the employee’s attitudes towards works and organization before communicating with them.
  • Following the chain of hierarchy: Effectiveness of downward communication mostly depends on the transmitting the message following the chain of hierarchy.