Short note on Indian Campaign of Alexander the Great

Alexander, the King of Macedon, crossed the Khaiber Pass and reached India. Then he came to the plain of the Punjab. There ruled a king called Porus. He wanted to attack the land of Porus. Porus came forward with his men and arms in order to defend his land from the attack of Alexander. But unfortunately he was defeated in a battle. Then he was taken prisoner. He was brought before Alexander. Alexander asked him how he would like to be treated. He showed his boldness before Alexander. ‘Like a king: was the reply of Porus. Alexander was pleased with Pores for his bold reply. He allowed him to rule his country as before. He also made him king of another province in the Punjab.


The Indian campaign of Alexander the Great began in 326 before Christ. From the Greek side, no one but Alexander cared about conquering India. The enemy was the Persians, and they had already been defeated.