Advantages of Hiring Student Interns

Advantages of Hiring Student Interns

Advantages of Hiring student Interns:

Intern students are the potential future candidates for jobs. Most of the colleges and universities require the post graduate students to undergo three to six months internship program for completion of their degree. So, educational institutions as well as students are looking for some companies that provide the internship opportunity. Organizations can also derive some benefits from such program. By offering internship opportunity, our business can derive the following advantages:

(i) Hiring Fresh Graduates at a cheap rate: Hiring intern students for lump-sum remuneration can help the company to minimize the cost of doing business. Organization has to comply with several legal obligations regarding hiring and compensating permanent employees. But there is no such obligation in case of intern students. Moreover, there is no hiring cost as the educational institutions and the interns communicate to the organizations that otter internship opportunity. Often such graduates can be hired at an advantageous condition as they are always looking to start their professional life.

(ii) Basis of selecting qualified employee: Hiring student intern’s provides the opportunity of building a well-qualified workforce. Interns, who perform satisfactorily, can be selected permanently. Through the formal selection process new employees are selected based on their academic qualification. But in case of interns, organization can evaluate the academic qualification and ability to perform the job. As a result, better candidate’s can be selected. Moreover, with supply of new graduates, organization can better match with the environmental changes.

(iii) Creating better image in the community: Hiring interns also contributes to create a better image in the community. The student community, educational institutions and the general public tend to develop a positive attitude to the organizations that offer such opportunity to the new graduates. Potential job seekers highly rate such organization. So, hiring student interns can be regarded as an important aspect of corporate social responsibility.

(iv) Interns always have something to prove: More often than not, an intern, paid or unpaid, has something to prove. They are just starting out, usually in college or have just graduated, and want to make a favorable impression. This generally means they will work harder, be more enthusiastic, and not just do it for the paycheck.