Advantages of Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing

Advantages of Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing

Advantages of Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing

Teleconferencing is one of the most modern methods of electronic communication. With the emergence of global business operations, popularity of teleconferencing is increasing gradually. Teleconferencing provides the following advantages to business:

Saving travel expense: The most important benefit of teleconferencing is that it saves travel costs. Although teleconferencing is expensive in nature, but such expense is less than the travel cost of the top-level executives.

Saving travel time: Teleconferencing is also highly advantageous to save travel time. Teleconferencing in the form of video provides the opportunity of face-to-face communication. Therefore busy executives need not to waste their valuable time by traveling from one place to another.

Frequent communication: it is not possible for busy executives to make frequent physical visits. Teleconferencing helps to overcome such limitation. With the help of teleconferencing, the busy executives can share their information at any time sitting in their own office.

Improved communication: Teleconferencing or video conferencing is an improved method communication. It allows people to communicate among them at any time and at any here in the world.

Better control of business: With the help of teleconference, managers can better manage their geographically dispersed business divisions or units. It also enables them to impose impersonal control from their corporate office

Observing facial expression: Video conferencing provides the advantage of fact-to-face communication. Here the participants can observe the facial expressions and gestures of each other that increase the effectiveness of communication process.