Teleconferencing Definition in terms of Business Communication

Teleconferencing Definition in terms of Business Communication

Meaning of Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing is a newly developed method of electronic communication. It is a kind of communication where people staying in different locations participate in the group meeting or group discussion through electronic technology. The participants of the teleconference are usually located in different corners of the world. Teleconferencing is of two types: audio conferencing and video conferencing.

In the audio teleconference, participants exchange their oral messages. Here the participants can only hear the voice. In video teleconference, the participants not only hear but also see each other.

According to Himstreet and Baty, “Teleconferencing is a procedure that allows several people at different locations to communicate electronically as effectively as at face-to-face meetings.”

In the opinion of Quible and others, “Teleconferencing is a communication processes that facilities discussion among the members of an executive group who are in different locations.”

Boone at others defined, “Teleconferences are electronic meetings that use ordinary telephone lines to bring together three or more people at various locations?”

From the above discussion, we can conclude that teleconferencing is an electronically conference or meeting of people who are geographically dispersed.