Manufacturing Information Systems

Manufacturing Information Systems

Manufacturing Information Systems

The function of manufacturing information systems is to maintain manufacturing operations by providing pertinent and appropriate information for decision making at different levels of the company hierarchy. Managers need to the preparation and direct operations within the company and use up to date management information systems designed to collect and present the essential data that is usually computerized.

Global competitive pressures of the information society have been highly pronounced in manufacturing and have radically changed it. The new marketplace calls for manufacturing that are:

Lean – highly efficient, using fewer input resources in production through better engineering and through production processes that rely on low inventories and result in less waste.

Agile – fit for time-based competition. Both the new product design and order fulfillment are drastically shortened.

Flexible – able to adjust the product to a customer’s preferences rapidly and cost-effectively.

Managed for quality – by measuring quality throughout the production process and following world standards, manufacturers treat quality as a necessity and not a high-price option.