Advantages of Written Communication

Advantages of written communication:

  • Easy to preserve:

The documents of written communication are easy to preserve. Oral and non-verbal communication cannot be preserved. If it is needed, important information can be collected from the preserved documents.

  • Easy presentation of the complex matter:

Written communication is the best way to represent any complex matter easily and attractively.

  • Permanent record:

The documents of written communication act as a permanent record. When it is needed, important information can be easily collected from the preserved documents.

  • Prevention of wastage of time and money:

Written communication prevents the waste of money and time. Without meeting with each other the communicator and communicate can exchange their views.

  • Accurate presentation:

Through the documents of the written communication, the top executive can present the information more accurately and clearly. As it is a legal document everybody takes much care does draft it.

  • Use as a reference:

If it is needed, written communication can be used as future reference.

  • The delegation of authority:

Written communication can help the authority to delegate the power and authority to the subordinate. It is quite impossible to delegate power without a written document.

  • Longevity:

A written document can be preserved for a long time easily. That is why; all the important issues of an organization should be back and white.

  •  Effective communication:

Written communication helps to make communication effective. It is more dependable and effective than those of other forms of communication.

  • maintaining image:

Written communication helps to maintain the images of both the person and the organization. It also protects the images of the company or organization.

  • Proper information:

It is a proper and complete communication system. There is no opportunity to include any unnecessary information in a written document.

  • Less distortion possibility:

In this communication system information is recorded permanently. So, there is less possibility of distortion and alteration of the information.