Define and Describe on Global Enterprises

Define and Describe on Global Enterprises

Global enterprises: In the last ten years MNCs have played an important role in the Indian economy. They are characterized by their huge size, large number of products, advanced technology, marketing strategies and network of operations all over the world. Global enterprises thus are huge industrial organizations which extend their industrial and marketing operations through a network of their branches in several countries.


Companies who are MNEs such as McKinsey, Unilever and Wipro generate sales and profits in multiple locations across the world.

Features: These corporations have distinct features which distinguishes them from other private sector companies, public sector companies and public sector enterprises i.e.,

(i) Huge capital resources,

(ii) Foreign collaboration,

(iii) Advanced Technology,

(iv) Product innovation,

(v) Marketing strategies,

(vi) Expansion of market territory,

(vii) Centralized control.