Scientists Reveal what Experiments they’d Like to Conduct if they had No Morals

Scientists Reveal what Experiments they’d Like to Conduct if they had No Morals

As time went on, scientists (and people calling themselves scientists) conducted experiments that were not morally acceptable and pushed its edges, others went beyond this line. This is a lot better now, but that doesn’t mean that people still don’t have an idea for tests. Frankenstein.

In Reddit Over, scientists are “answering the question of what you desperately want to experiment with, but does it make you look like an insane scientist?” Below are some of our favorites. We’ll jump in if we need details.

“I want to take DNA from infamous serial killers like Dahmar or Albert Fish or the like, can clone them, then the child should be raised in a normal, supportive, loving family,” said recalcitrant Jerk. “I’ve been studying kids through all my youth to see how much of an adult’s upbringing and nature.” In a 1960s study by Dr. Peter Newber, a pediatric psychiatrist and psychologist funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, he went so far as to clone a human being to test this “nature vs. nurturing” debate with an unknown number of people. Sets and separates them across different families.

One person involved in the study complained that these placement families were chosen on the basis of individual socio-economic conditions. The twins and triplets were unaware of their siblings, although some of them got a chance, as recorded in the Sundance-Winning documentary Three Identical Strangers.

Philosophy wrote, “I have experimented on ancient coins.” Museums are totally against my entire composition analysis because it involves dissolving my whole coin in acid. But it certainly doesn’t tell us much more.” One physician wanted to see how effective the placebo effect was, with schizophrenia being a treatable condition rather than a life-saving drug.

Although no one has done it as a scientific experiment (because yes) there are examples of people who were ultimately raised to neglect, isolation and deprivation that we cannot learn from such serious experiments that we do not already know. After the deaths of his mother and father, his grandfather kept a son in a chicken coop for years before being tied to the bed for ten years. After being rescued, he improved and even smiled, but never developed language.