Twitter is the Latest Platform to Test a TikTok Copycat Feature

Twitter is the Latest Platform to Test a TikTok Copycat Feature

Twitter said today that it is testing a feature that transforms the app’s explore page into a TikTok-style video stream, replete with a “For You” button. For users in specific countries who use Twitter in English, this service tested on both Android and iOS.

Twitter is the latest social media platform to explore if it can profit from TikTok’s explosive growth. The short-form video app topped one billion monthly active users this year, making it one of the fastest firms to do so. 

Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight, and YouTube Shorts, all TikTok clones, have increased in popularity by incentivizing producers to utilize their services. Netflix, Spotify, and Reddit are among the applications that are experimenting with the format.

Twitter is the Latest Platform to Test a TikTok Copycat Feature

This year, Twitter has released a slew of new products and services, including Spaces, Twitter Blue, and Tip Jar. After co-founder Jack Dorsey stepped down last week, Parag Agrawal was named CEO, and the company’s momentum is set to continue. 

Agrawal has already begun reorganizing the firm to accommodate what he described as “ambitious ambitions” in a memo to employees, which he tweeted shortly after his appointment.

This signifies that Twitter is dedicated to selling this Clubhouse competitor. However, Twitter’s copycat options have not at all times been profitable. Its Snapchat/Instagram Stories competitor Fleets shut down after eight months. Therefore, simply because Twitter is testing a brief kind of video feed does not imply it will actually turn out to be its car for content material discovery. As the success of TikTok has proven, individuals discover quick movies interesting.

The default center icon on the app’s bottom navigation bar is now Spaces, Twitter’s live audio offering. This shows that Twitter is serious about promoting this Clubhouse rival. 

However, Twitter’s copycat features have not always worked out. After eight months, Fleets, a Snapchat/Instagram stories rival, shut down. So just because Twitter is experimenting with a short-form video stream does not imply it will become its primary means of content discovery. People, on the other hand, find short videos to be extremely engaging, as seen by TikTok’s popularity.