Short Story of Conquer Mount Everest

Many expeditions had been led to conquer Mount Everest. Some of them had to be abandoned. Many climbers who took part in them lost their lives. Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and his companion Tenzing Norkay from Nepal led an expedition in 1953. The expedition was set out on March 10. As the climbers were going up they set up camps at different places. They left some of their men and supplies in those camps. The highest camp was set up at 27,000 feet.

Only Hillary and Tenzing reached that height. But the top was still 2000 feet away. They went up and up. After two months of difficult and dangerous climbing, they succeeded in reaching the top on May 10. They must have felt excited when they stood there. They have gone down in history as the conquerors of the highest mountain in the world.