Concerns about Privacy Issues of computer

Concerns about Privacy Issues of computer

Criminal actions accomplished through the use of a computer system, especially with intent to defraud, destroy or make unauthorized use of computer system resources.

Computer Crime includes suggestions for increasing the security and reliability of personal computers, as well as links to websites on computer viruses, computer crime, and anti-virus and firewall software.

Privacy Issues of computer: The stunning growth of Internet usage in some countries is also raising concerns about privacy. The qualities that make computer networks such powerful tools for improving efficiency and living standards also give them extraordinary power to collect, store, or distribute medical data, financial data, and other personal or biographical information. Many individuals and consumer groups are calling for new privacy safeguards for the Internet and other computer networks. Therefore, it is important for the information on the computer to be stored and kept properly. It is also extremely important for people on computers to protect their computer from data loss, misuse, and abuse.

Personal information that may be of interest to businesses or people with malevolent aims is generated whenever people surf the Internet. Companies, for example, are able to learn a great deal about Web surfers who visit their websites. Using tracking devices known as “cookies,” companies are able to track purchases and gather personal data. They can use this information to target their marketing efforts at individual consumers or groups of consumers.