Twitter Launches a New Web Game to Make Its Privacy Policy Easier To Understand

Twitter Launches a New Web Game to Make Its Privacy Policy Easier To Understand

Twitter said today that it has launched a new online game to help user’s better grasp its privacy policies. The game, dubbed Data Dash, aims to enlighten players about the data that Twitter gathers, how it is utilized, and the options that users have over it. The game, according to the social media behemoth, is meant to teach players how to “safely traverse the Twitterverse.” You’ll be prompted to choose the language in which to play the game after it has begun. The choice of choosing a character will then be presented to you.

You play the game by guiding Data, a dog, safely through “PrivaCity” by avoiding Twitter trolls, spamming DMs, and advertisements. You will get more knowledge about Twitter’s privacy practices and how to be safe on the site with each level you successfully complete. Each level of the simple gameplay is meant to teach players something new. Momo Pixel, a pixel artist and game developer, made the game.

The firm stated in a statement, “Through Twitter Data Dash, we aim to inspire more individuals across the world to take control of their personal information on our site and perhaps even have a little fun in the process. Transparency is a key component of our strategy, and we want to make sure you are aware of the data we gather, how we use it, and the choices you have available. The game was made available by Twitter as part of a larger initiative to make its privacy policy clearer. The major social media company has updated its privacy policy webpage to make it more comprehensible and to contain less “legalese.” The policy has been divided into three main categories by Twitter: data collection, data use, and data sharing.

Additionally, it is made more explicit how Twitter customizes the adverts and experiences of its users. English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian are among the nine languages that are now supported by the new privacy policy website and game. The rollout follows Twitter’s publication of a new “Copypasta and Duplicate Material” policy, which outlines how the social media network fights spam and duplicate content. The social media behemoth initially stated that it will limit the display of copypasta tweets in August 2020, and it is now outlining what it deems to be a violation and what steps are taken to reduce the exposure of such violations.