Portal One Raises $15M from Atari and More for a New Hybrid Gaming/TV Show App

Portal One Raises $15M from Atari and More for a New Hybrid Gaming/TV Show App

Gaming and streamed video were the two most entertaining winners in the last year of the epidemic’s lifetime.

Today is a start that has created this app that brings those two entertainment formats together as it prepares to exit the closed beta as well as announcing a significant seed scholarship of money. PortalOne, a hybrid gaming startup, is announcing a $15 million seed round of funding as it prepares to exit a closed beta with an app that lets people play on-demand games and watch live shows so users can play against a particular guest. Can.

Start because of who is investing and its funding is significant. It includes Atari and camera makers ARRI, Founders Fund, TQ Ventures (a company led by Scooter Brown and financiers Schuster Tanger and Andrew Marks), Coat Management (specifically Ariel Zuckerberg), and Rogue Capital Partners (Alice Lloyd). Partners (via Sunnyvale), Seed Camp, Talis Capital and SNN Ventures are outside Europe.

Other investors included Kevin Lynn, co-founder of Twitch; Mike Morhaime, co-founder of Blizzard and Dreamhaven; Amy Morhaime, co-founder of Dreamhaven; Mark Merrill, co-founder of Riot Games; Jane Lategan, former CTO and executive advisor to various organizations such as Hulu; And Eugene Wei, Head of Video at Oculus and Head of Products at Hulu. PortalOne Part Tech Startup, Part Media Company.

On the one hand, it has spent the last three years building a complete stack of hardware and software to create games, record live shows, and integrate the two into an experience that combines both on-demand and real-time gaming and entertainment. “One of the advantages of building first is that it’s extremely difficult to do what we’re doing at the technical level,” said Bird Anders Cassin, co-founder and CEO. “The way we do it is the main way. It’s our secret sauce.

On the other hand, it is using that technology to create gaming and live event platforms and brands – providing a place for yourself and third parties to create games and a greater live experience around them. It believes it has managed to do something here that carries another over the years. “We come from the entertainment industry and have been in the games for many years,” said Stig Olav Cassin, Bird’s brother and other co-founder (and chief content officer). “We’ve talked to all the big companies and know that hybrid gaming is difficult in a combination of games and TV,” at least not because of the silos of companies where different groups are “owning” TV and gaming.