Define Burette and explain Rules of using Burette

Burette: Burette is a measuring apparatus which is glass made long tube. The volume of liquid is measured very accurately during the titration by using the burette.


Rules of using of burette in acid base titration:

(i) At first burette is washed by the tap water. If the grease or oily substance remain in the inner side of the burette then it is rinsed by chromic acid and then it is washed by distill water.

(ii) It is observed whether the stop cork works properly or not.

(iii) Then the burette is rinsed by 5-10 mL solution which will be used in the burette. Then opening the stop cork, the solution is eliminated.

(iv) Finally the burette is attached with a clamp and the burette is filled up to the zero point with the solution and the titration is performed.