Disadvantages of Using Memo

Disadvantages of Using Memo

Memo is a written means of internal communication. They do not work well as a means of sending bad news or disciplining employees. Although it is widely used in exchanging information within the organization, it has some limitations. Employees who receive memos can also feel less valued because they did not receive the information in person. The followings are some of its major disadvantages or limitations.

Disadvantages of Using Memo

  • Limited field of application:

The major demerits of a memo are its scope is limited. The use of a memo is restricted only within the boundary at an organization. Detail information cannot be provided by a memo. It cannot be used in communication with any external party. It maintains communication only among the employees of the same firm regardless of distance.

  • Not suitable to the illiterate people:

An office memo is a kind of written communication. Therefore, it has no utility to the illiterate people. As it is an informal means of communication, it can be less important to the reader.

  • Lack of secrecy:

In the case of the memo, secrecy is not maintained, thus secret messages cannot be transmitted through memos.

  • Lack of explanation:

A memo is generally written concisely. It is written in short form. So the meaning of it may not be cleared to the reader. Therefore, it does not provide any explanation or clarification of the message to its readers. Another shortcoming is it cannot use for external communication. It provides only informal communication.

  • The problem in modification:

It memo circulates any wrong information inadvertently, It cannot be revised instantly. For necessary rectification, it requires the circulation of corrigendum.

  • Expensive:

As usually a memo is a pre-printed form, it is expensive than other means. Sometimes huge printed memos remain unused.

  • Time-consuming:

The formal memo requires time for drafting and circulating it to the various parties. It takes time to be sent to a distant branch or office.