Meaning of Memo

Meaning of Memo

Meaning of Memo

The memo is the short and popular form of memorandum. It is a written tool for internal communication. It rarely goes outside the organization. Memos are primarily written for exchanging information relating to day-to-day functions of the organization. Some definitions of the memo are quoted below:

A.Ashley defined, “Memos are written internal communication which advise or inform staff of company policies and procedures.”

According to Lesikar and Flatley, “Memorandum is a form of letter written inside the business.”

In the opinion of Lesikar and Pettit, “Memorandums, of course, are the letters written inside the organization, although a few companies use them in outside communication.”

Generally, memos are written in the following grounds

  • Issuing order, instruction, advice, policy etc to the subordinates.
  • Informing any change of policy to the members of the organization.
  • Giving or seeking suggestions, recommendations or explanation.
  • Seeking help or information etc.

At last, we can say memos are the means of internal written communication and are exchanged between superiors and subordinates or between persons holding the same position in the organization hierarchy.