Benefits or Advantages of Orientation Program

Benefits or Advantages of Orientation Program

Orientation is the task of the selection process. Orientation is a procedure by which employees are given idea, concept, philosophy, data, and information about the organization so that employees can adjust themselves with their organization. It could refer to marketing orientation or to production orientation, to employee orientation or to customer orientation.

Benefits or advantages of orientation program: The employees are able to get various types of benefits from their organization. These benefits are discussed below –

Good feeling: At first the new employees feel well and good by introducing old employees. After orientation the new employers feel relax and comfortable.

Building confidence: Orientation helps to build the confidence of the new employees which creates a positive attitude towards the organization.

Instruction: Employees are given instruction about the nature, objectives, goal of the organization. As that they can perform better.

The idea of the product and service: The new employees have given the organization’s product and service. The organization helps the new employees to understand the duties and rights of the organization.

Reduce turnover: It reduces the employee turnover, which is beneficial to the organization.

Inspire employees: It helps the employees to the initiative.

Close to the organization: By orientation, the new employees become close to the organization.

Motivate the employees: It motivates the employees to work better.

Interest to give effort: Employees feel the interest to give effort.

Create interpersonal relationship: It helps to create interpersonal relationship among the new employees and old employees. We can say that, organization use orientation to help employees to get a different type of benefits.