Importance of Product Designing and Development for Marketing

Importance of Product Designing and Development for Marketing

Product Designing and Development:

The design of the product contributes to making the product gorgeous to the intended consumers. Product development may engage alteration of an existing product or its appearance, or formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined customer want or market niche.

A product design needs to take into account how the item will perform its deliberate functionality in a proficient, safe and dependable manner. The product also needs to be able of being made economically and to be gorgeous to targeted consumers.

A fine design can progress performance of a product and also give it a viable benefit in the market. For example, when we plan to buy any product say a Car, we not only see its features like cost, mileage, etc. but also the design aspects like its shape, style, etc.

Steps of Product Design:

  • Assessing the problem,
  • Research,
  • Ideas,
  • Prototypes
  • Final Design,
  • Testing

Steps of Product Development

  • Product Idea Brainstorming
  • Evaluate the Ideas
  • Market Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Prototype and Marketing
  • Market Testing
  • Prepare for Launch