Labelling for Brand Marketing

Labelling for Brand Marketing


A simple looking but important task in the marketing of goods relates to designing the label to be put on the package. Labels serve to capture the attention of shoppers as well as provide useful information regarding the product.

The label may vary from a simple tag attached to the product (such as in case of local unbranded products like sugar, wheat, pulses, etc.) indicating some information about the quality or price, to complex graphics that are part of the package, like the ones on branded products.

Labels are attached to the product package to provide information such as the manufacturer of the product, date of manufacture, date of expiry, its ingredients, how to use the product, and its handling. Labels are useful in providing detailed information about the product, its contents, the method of use, etc.

The attached label provides customers with information to aid their purchase decision or help improve the experience of using the product. Labels can include:

  • Care and use of the product
  • Recipes or suggestions
  • Ingredients or nutritional information
  • Product Guarantees
  • Manufacturer name and address
  • Weight statements
  • Sell by date and expiration dates
  • Warnings