Who is a Marketer?

Who is a Marketer?

Marketer refers to any person who takes extra dynamic part in the procedure of exchange. A person whose duties contain the classification of the goods and services desired by a set of consumers, as well as the marketing of those goods and services on behalf of a company.

An person with a marketing degree does not make a great marketer the same as a philosopher does not need a philosophy degree or a musician or music degree. Usually it is the seller who is more active in the exchange procedure as he/ she analyses the needs of the possible buyers, develops a market offering and persuades the buyers to buy the product. However, there may be positive situations where the buyer may be taking more active role in the exchange process.

They realize that marketers fill four roles:

  1. Instigator: think purposefully, question the status quo, be willing to push change.
  2. Innovator: expand beyond product features and functionality to pricing, delivery, customer engagement, risk-reward sharing and new business models.
  3. Integrator: builds bridges across multiple organizational silos and functions to unite them on a single path.
  4. Implementer: build coalitions and persuade others using functional expertise, insights and teamwork rather than authority to mobilize people and get things done.

It may need to induce the supplier of the products to supply the same to it, by promising that it will be used for passive purposes only. In this case, the buyer will be treated as the marketer. Thus, anybody, who takes more active role in the exchange procedure, will be taken as the marketer.