Need and Want: Marketing Feature

Need and Want: Marketing Feature

Need and Want important features of marketing:

Marketing involves study to find out what consumers need or want and promotions to transmit to them how your products best meet those needs. The procedure of marketing helps individuals and groups in obtaining what they need and want. Thus, the principal cause or motivation for people to connect in the procedure of marketing is to please some of their needs or wants. In other words, the focus of the marketing process is on satisfaction of the needs and wants of individuals and organizations.

Marketing is the process of fulfilling the needs and wants of the consumers. This is why people get attracted to this process. All the people have almost the same needs but their wants happen to be different, e.g., feeling hungry is a need but satisfying it by eating only rice and sweet is a want. A seller tries to find out the needs of the consumers and how those needs are to be satisfied.

A need is a condition of felt deficiency or feeling of being disadvantaged of something. If unsatisfied, it leaves a person unhappy and uncomfortable. For example, on getting hungry, we become uncomfortable and start looking for objects that are competent of satisfying our hunger.

A marketer’s job in an organization is to identify needs of the target customers and develop products and services that satisfy such needs.