Transportation in Marketing

Transportation in Marketing


Transportation involves physical movement of goods from one place to the other. It is the indispensable function of marketing. As usually the users of products, mainly customer products are wide spread and geographically divided from the place these are produced, it is essential to shift them to the place where it is needed for consumption or use. It significantly facilitates the performance of marketing functions like buying, assembling, selling, storage and warehousing etc.

Following Points emphasize the significance of Transportation:

(1) Transportation links the dissimilar fixed facilities and markets and thus serves to neutralize the spatial separation of the facilities.

(2) As a marketing function: therefore, it increases the economic value of the products by creating time and place utilities and promoting custody usefulness.

(3) It is useful in increasing home and foreign trade. The development, of air and ocean transport, has significantly increased foreign trade.

(4) Transportation has wholly helped in increasing standard of living of people by providing goods even in far-flung areas.

(5) Transportation is one of the vital considerations to be taken into account in deciding location of an manufacturing unit.

A marketing firm has to evaluate its transportation needs after taking into contemplation different factors such as nature of the product, cost and location of intention market and take decisions in admiration of mode of transportation to be chosen and other associated aspects.