Binance.US Raises over $200M in First Seed Round, Hitting A $4.5B Valuation as It Preps For IPO

Binance.US Raises over $200M in First Seed Round, Hitting A $4.5B Valuation as It Preps For IPO

Binance. According to US CEO Brian Shroder, the company received over $200 million in its first external investment round, placing its pre-money worth at $4.5 billion as it develops a roadmap for an initial public offering (IPO). From April 6, the firm plans to go public in two to three years, according to Shroder. This is the first time Binance has been mentioned. He went on to say that the US has accepted outside financing and that no value has ever been made public.

“I personally believe that going through the IPO process has value because it necessitates a lot of regulatory conversations, which we embrace and are pleased about,” Shroder added. RRE Ventures, Foundation Capital, Original Capital, VanEck, and Circle Ventures are among its investors. Gaingels, an LGBTQIA+/Allies investment syndicate, and Gold House, a charity focused on promoting more diversity participation and societal equality, were among the businesses that participated in the round.

The crypto-focused company was founded in 2019 as a distinct legal organization from, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. According to CoinMarketCap statistics, US is one of the major digital asset exchanges in the United States by trading volume, with a 24-hour trading volume of $306 million. Other rivals, including as FTX US and Coinbase, recorded $197 million and $3 billion in 24-hour trading volumes, respectively.

The maximum transaction cost is 0.1 percent, and it becomes down the more volume someone trades, according to Shroder. For trades under $10,000, it’s one-sixth of Coinbase Pro’s cost, or 0.6 percent. Binance.US, according to Shroder, is not a subsidiary or affiliate of, but it is linked to it by its common creator, Changpeng Zhao, who is also a chairman at Binance.US, as well as legal and licensing arrangements with “In the United States, we hold licensing for the basic technology surrounding the matchbox engine, as well as licenses for the name rights.”

According to Shroder, the exchange is licensed in 45 states and has aspirations to expand to all 50 states and all US territories. The states that aren’t included are New York, Texas, Vermont, Idaho, and Hawaii. According to Shroder, the money will be utilized for one thing: growth. “Every dollar received will be reinvested in the company in a number of ways,” he stated. “Right now, we’re just a simple spot trading platform, but we aspire to be so much more.” If you look at our bigger brother, you’ll notice that they have a wide range of products and services.”

Binance also has “two separate industries.” The United States is considering relocating there, but Shroder declined to provide any other information. “We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of a large portion of the ecosystem,” Shroder added. “I believe the interesting aspect for us is moving from [being] a one-product business into a professional organization with many products and services, servicing millions of people, and on a very clear route to IPO,” she says.