Qualities of a Good Reporter

Qualities of a Good Reporter

Qualities of a Good Reporter

Preparing report is a complex and a professional job. Generally, reporter collects information, analyzes and interprets the information, determines the cause and effect relationships among the various events related to the problem, selects the best suited format of writing report and finally, drafts the report and submits it to the concerned party. Therefore, successful preparation of writing an effective report depends on the reporter’s efficiency, intelligence and sincerity. The qualities of a successful a reporter are discussed below:

General education mad knowledge: The reporters should have the higher academic education. The levels or their academic qualification may vary depending on the size, complexities and nature of the reports and organizations. Besides the academic qualifications, the reporters must have adequate general knowledge to cope with any abstract situation in preparing report.

Skills and experiences: Efficiency refers to the ability of performing any job with least amount of time, effort and cost. Efficiency is gamed through knowledge and experience. Sometimes a reporters needs to apply his own judgment in analyzing various aspects relating to the report problem. Therefore, the reporter must have sufficient skills and experiences that he can prepare report effectively.

Sharp intelligence: Report is generally prepared on past events with which reporters are not associated. In order to understand such event or situation the reporter should be intelligent enough. Intelligence also helps him in gaining clear idea about the report objectives and in arranging the report contents.

Knowledge on language: Linguistic knowledge refers to the knowledge on vocabulary, appropriate use of words and grammar etc. In preparing simple, attractive and effective reports, the reporters should have adequate knowledge on language.

Patience: Patience, endurance, tolerance, perseverance and determination are some of the important traits of successful reporters. Preparation of report is a laborious and complex job. Without these qualities no one will be able to complete such a laborious and complex job.

Knowledge on presentation: Report does not merely gathering of information and presents them to the readers by any means. Success of report depends on easy, simple and attractive presentation of facts and information. Therefore, the reporter should have the ability to present the information in the report in the simplest and attractive way.

Self-confidence: Self-confidence helps the reporter in writing report neutrally without any hesitation. Preparing report is a kind of challenging job. Therefore, the reporter should take necessary preparations in writing report seriously and confidently. These enhance the utility of the report to the readers.

Punctuality: Only the reports that are prepared in time can satisfy the demand of the readers. Therefore, the reporter should be conscious and punctual enough in writing and submitting the report in time.

Faithfulness: Reporters generally prepare report on behalf of others. Moreover, they prepare report on many confidential matters of their employers. Therefore, the reporters must be reliable, honest and truthful enough to trust and rely on them.

Knowledge on the types amid structures of report: Different types of report are prepared on different purposes and each of them takes the shape of different structures. Therefore, the reporter should have adequate knowledge on the types and structures of the reports.

Knowledge about the principles of preparing report: Generally, reports are prepared by following some principles. Therefore, the reporter should have adequate knowledge on the principles of preparing reports and the qualities of a good report.