Necessity of Viscosity

Necessity of Viscosity

Necessity of viscosity

Viscosity is the measure of a substance’s resistance to motion under an applied force.

(1) Design and construction of boats, steamers, launches, ships etc are made taking into consideration resistance of viscosity of water and design of cars, airplanes are made taking into consideration resistance of air due to viscosity.

(2) Fountain pens are produced based on the property of viscosity.

(3) Flow of blood through veins and arteries based on this property.

(4) Viscosity affects heat generation in bearings, cylinders and gear sets related to an oil’s internal friction.

(5) Viscosity is a measure of an oil’s resistance to flow. It decreases with increasing temperature and increases with decreased temperature.

(6) Viscosity measurements are used in the food industry to maximize production efficiency and cost effectiveness.

(7) In Industries:

Petroleum: Viscosity measurements project the effectiveness of lubricating oil and determines design elements of pipelines.

Concrete: Viscosity determines the self-leveling and pumping behavior of a mix.

Cosmetics: Viscosity should be considered when designing the feel and flow of cosmetic products.