Characteristics of Good Brand Name

Characteristics of Good Brand Name

Characteristics of Good Brand Name

Choosing the correct brand name is not a simple assessment. What makes this judgment significant is the fact that once a brand name is chosen and the product is launched in the market, changing the brand name is very hard. So, getting it correct the first time is especially vital.

Following are some of the considerations, which should be reserved in mind while choosing a brand name.

(i) The brand name should be short, easy to pronounce, spell, recognize and remember e.g., Ponds, Rin, Vim, etc.

(ii) A brand name should be distinctive e.g., Liril, Sprit, Safari, Zodiac.

(iii) A brand should propose the product’s reimbursement and qualities. It should be appropriate to the product’s function. e.g., Rasika, Genteel, Promise, My Fair Lady and Boost.

(iv) The brand name should be adequately adaptable to contain new products, which are added to the product line e.g., Maggie, Colgate.

(v) The brand name should be flexible to packing or labeling necessities, to dissimilar advertising media and to diverse languages.

(vi) It should be able of being registered and secluded lawfully.