The factors to be considered in location decision of business

The factors to be considered in location decision of business are given below-

  1. Transpiration and communication: A business should determine such a location where buyers, suppliers, labor can easily communicate and use Tran’s rotation system.
  2. Nature of business: For large scale, business one should choose center point of a city for business location and for small scale business one can choose any location that he desires.
  3. Standard of customer: Standard of customers includes the life styles of the customers, their demand, and their taste and so on which affects business
  4. Availability of workers: Business should determine its location where there is easy availability of workers.
  5. Availability of power and water: In regard to establishing an industry the availability of water and power is mandatory.
  6. Proximity to market: Proximity means to close. So close to market which is an essential element of a business.
  7. Supply of raw materials: A business man should determine its business location in such a place where raw materials can be easily supplied.
  8. Presence of homogeneous and as sociable business: If there is mereness homogeneous and associate business to than that helps the production procedure of a business.
  9. Capital: A business location also depends upon the capital which entrepreneurs can easily supply or afford.