Disadvantages of Business Letter

Disadvantages of Business Letter

The business letter refers to the formal written letter where business-related issues and information are exchanged with the suppliers, customers, clients, banks, insurance companies, government agencies or other external parts of the organization.

Disadvantages of business letter

We can see a few limitations of letters as a written document. They are as follows:

  • Formal structure:

Some rules must be followed in drafting a letter. Letters are written by following specific format and tone. To follow the rules is a limitation of the business letter, because the experience is necessary of the letter., as experience is necessary to write it. Thus there is a lot of formalities required in case of a letter.

  • Old media:

The Business letter is an old written means of communication. But there are many modern forms of written communication.

  • Complex language:

Sometimes a business letter is written in a complex language for lacking sense. If it occurs, the business letter becomes meaningless. Drafting of such message and therefore sending the message to the receiver involves observation of various rules, procedures or formalities.

  • Missing:

Business letters may be missed. But it is impossible for E-mail, fax, telephone, etc. Even if the mistake is identified immediately, still its correction is not possible. For Example, a letter that is posted cannot be brought back for correction if any mistake is identified later on.

  • Taking time:

From start to end it takes a lot of time. In this modern era of communication, a letter is considered as the slow-moving tool It takes more time than any other form of communication. But modern devices take no time to send written documents such as e-mail, fax, etc.

  • Secrecy:

Sometimes a business letter fails to maintain business secrecy. It is exposed to everyone who is concerned with the message or information. So there is a chance of leakage of information from any employees which may cause a huge loss to the Organization.

  • Costly:

In comparison to other forms of the communication business letter is costly. It involves expenditure in purchasing paper, .ink, typewriting, and printing machine as well as the maintenance of such equipment and machines.

  • No immediate response:

There is no immediate feedback in a business letter. When a receiver responds to the letter, he takes some additional time to answer according to the requirement. For this reason, feedback is delayed.

  • Lack of flexibility:

There are some pre-determined formalities which are required to be maintained while making written communication. Observation of such formalities is a lengthy process. If any immediate change is required, it is not possible instantly due to the lack of flexibility in written communication.

  • Red-tapism:

A message from the chief executive reaches its destination via different sections of people. It may happen that an urgent letter or message is kept on a file without any action. The concerned persons intentionally do such which causes a delay in processing information. Due to this red-tapism, quick decision making is hampered.